Project Team

Ruby Nahal

Senior Systems Engineer

Ruby hails from India with a flair for cooking traditional cuisine and a deep love of learning (you may find her buried in a book, non-fiction of course) and a real passion for all things tech. For her, enhancing people's lives via well-executed technology solutions has always been more than a job, and it also makes Ruby a perfect fit for our team; she gets our mission to the core.

As far as tech chops, Ruby is bar none. She holds a Master's Degree in IT, multiple certifications and awards in Network and Security Administration, led several R & D teams and worked for five years as an Infrastructure Architect in Canada. Need we say more?






Christina Gornick

Project Manager

Holding both an Associate of Science and an Associate of Art degree, as well as a Psychiatric Technician License, Christina is no stranger to working hard to get the job done. And this is why she is so skillful at owning the Help Desk. She fields all incoming support calls, facilitates ticket scheduling, and works closely with our technicians to ensure make sure each client gets the help they need when they need it.

Christina loves spending time with her daughter, cooking and doing impersonations. She has mastered her favorite Prince hits and has moved on to perfecting renditions of KISS songs which may lead her to 'Rock and Roll All Nite' on occasion. But never to the detriment to her clients, whom she 'Adore'(s) more than a 'Litte Red Corvette'. 

Greg Butler

Project Engineer

Greg's wild west roots run deep. Born in Wyoming, Greg migrated to California, to Nevada and then back to California again (who can blame him?), which could explain his lush beard and love of guns, old cars, his German Shepards, Shadow and Royal, as well as his standing status as an Eagle Scout. But Greg has another side as well - a deeply technical side, and holds certificates in in Information Technology and Computer Networking from Laurus College. 

In his free time, aside from restoring his 1970 Cheville and playing hockey, Greg enjoys spending time with his lovely wife. And rumor has it, his entire engagement speech was recorded by his father-in-law...but that is a story for another day. 

Michael Barnes

Project Engineer

"Barnes" is a born problem solver. Drawn to IT because of it's innate puzzling nature, Michael gets great satisfaction from sorting out the pieces and putting them back together in a way that works. "I love the look of relief on a person's face when I am able to fix a problem for them," says Barnes. 

Since his promotion to Senior MST, Michael is excited about the opportunity to not only assist clients with tech solutions, but to also help usher other techs through their process. He is an avid sports fan and does his best not to miss a 49er or Fresno State football game. He loves bacon. 

Craig Godbout

Project Engineer

Contrary to the popular belief that Craig is actually some sort of AI due to his freakishly consistent vocal style, he is, in fact, a real human being. A real human being that finds pleasure in good company, great food and raising his two kitties. ( ^_^ & ^_^ ).

But Craig has a serious side, too. For example, he has a favorite physicist - two actually: Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, who are both known for advancing the education of science. Which brings us to why Craig loves IT; because science in theory is just theory, but applied science is science on the front lines and Craig likes to be where the action is - learning, educating, growing and most of all, solving problems.

"I just want to solve problems," he intones in his slightly robotic, but overall warm voice. "The ultimate applied stuff, you know?" 

Scott Bentz

Systems Engineer

Scott comes to us from the healthcare industry where he securely hosted Electronic Medical Records on various platforms ranging from on-prem blade servers to cloud IaaS providers. He is customer-minded, as he enjoys delving into the unknown and figuring out issues and their solutions to meet the needs of the people they affect. He is a lover of research; even while outside of work he can be found researching game mechanics to gain that extra edge, or examining diagrams while wrenching on his car.

An Eagle Scout at heart, he enjoys the outdoors: backpacking and hammock camping under the stars. If you ask him about hammock camping, he’ll tell you “The key to good hammock camping is your hang angle and yes, there’s an app for that.” Scott is a San Luis Obispo local who’s traveled abroad while in the Navy. While stationed in Italy he met his wife, an Italian national.  While out and about with his “amore” you can catch them tearing up the dance floors at their local bar scene.

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