Health Care Team

Jill Lowe

Account Manager

Jill has over twenty years of experience working in the trenches of healthcare and is our clients’ fiercest advocate. She understands intimately the day to day challenges that our practices face and knows how to best advise and support them in this ever changing, technology driven climate.

When Jill is not at work you’ll find her reading a good book, getting some great photos (she’s a shutterbug!), spending time with her family, or whipping up some amazing culinary creation. 

Additional Certification:

  • CompTIA Customer Service Excellence Program

Sean McLaughlin

Team Lead//Senior Managed Systems Technician

With an MBA from Fresno state and over a decade of technical support experience, Sean specializes in problem-solving healthcare software issues and keeps our practices’ day-to-day IT running smoothly. 

His love of computers, electronics, 3D printing and learning in general, has led Sean down an interesting life path including working on the Navy Marine Corps Intranet Project, exploring the Great Wall of China, where he slid down the slide. Did you know there was a slide at the Great Wall of China? We didn't either. See how full of amazing knowledge Sean is? We're lucky to have him. 


Susan Lee

EHR PM Trainer

Susan, a former medical biller, brings a wealth of knowledge to the healthcare team. As a Certified Professional Coder (AAPC) and with her AS in Healthcare Administration, Susan is the authority on all training, configuration and on-going support for all our clients’ Practice Management Systems.

When away from the office, Susan enjoys cooking, hosting family events and playing board games with her husband and two children to which she admitted letting her young son win to boost his confidence (shhh!).

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